Paediatric Podiatry
The care of children’s lower limb concerns within the podiatry profession is considered a speciality called podopaediatrics. Children are not simply a smaller version of the adults and we recognise that they have a variety of different needs and this is reflected in how we approach their care. The obvious difference is that the children growing and changing structure and proportion, therefore the caring for children requires an appreciation of how the body and limbs develop over time as well as being able to recognise conditions that are specific to children and how they may experience issues differently to how an adult may.


When attending for an appointment at this clinic, all children have a one hour session. Care is centred on how their condition is affecting them. This includes how they are able to function, whether they are experiencing symptoms, their ability to perform activities, take part in activities and their well being. A history will be taken on their general health, which includes birth and developmental history. They are given a full lower limb assessment appropriate for their age and stage of development which may include observing them playing, walking and running.

We have a commitment to working with those professionals involved in your child’s care where possible and in case of complex needs, are willing to work with your child’s specialist team. We can provide assessment and advice on many children’s foot and lower limb complaints including:

  • Curly toes
  • Paediatric flat foot with or without any associated medical conditions
  • Foot pain associated with juvenile arthritis
  • Gait anomalies
  • Growing pains
  • Toe Walking with or without a medical cause
  • Heel pain
  • Excessive in-toe or out-toe walking
  • Footwear and abnormal wear in shoes

When treatment is required for any of these conditions, we may provide a strength and stretching program, footwear advice, splinting or orthotic therapy. We can also advise and assist in organising a specialist referral if needed. You can be assured that any treatment recommended for your child is based on the best available evidence and experience.

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