Plantar Fasciitis

Mr. T. W, a garage owner and mechanic aged 61 years suffered from pain in his heel in the mornings. His doctor had diagnosed Plantar Fasciitis, and although the symptoms were very similar to plantar fasciitis, it was suspected that his problem was more to do with tight and sore muscles under the foot.

In fact, the majority of “Plantar Fasciitis” cases presenting at this clinic are found to be of this nature.

His foot was taped in a special way to allow the muscles to rest, and given exercises to work and stretch those muscles. He was also prescribed insoles which supported the feet to prevent further strains.

Five years later, he was still pain free.


More Plantar Fasciitis

“I was told I had something called plantar fasciitis by the doctor and the podiatrist at the hospital and the podiatrist gave me some insoles which didn’t make much difference.  After several months of this I went to Fit-Feet because he was recommended by a friend.  I was surprised when he said that I didn’t really have plantar fasciitis.  He sort of pressed and stretched my foot and gave me some exercises to do and it has been fine ever since.”


Sore Feet

“I took my elderly mother to see Mr. Harvey, and he was marvellous with her.  Her feet were very sore.  She had a lot of problems with her feet, but now she is walking so much better.  I am very glad we found him.”


Weak Ankles and Sprains

“I have had a sore and weak ankle for years, and kept going over on it for no reason.  I had tried my GP and the NHS podiatrist, but nothing changed.  I went to the podiatrist at Fit-Feet because I was desperate after spraining it again, and he did a marvellous job.  I couldn’t believe how quickly he got rid of the pain.  I wear the insoles that he made all the time, because they make me feel so much steadier on my feet. ”


Ingrown Toenail

“My daughter was suffering terribly with an ingrowing toe nail, and the NHS couldn’t treat her for months.  She was frightened, but the podiatrist at Fit-Feet was very nice and reassured her.  He painlessly took out the sore edges of her nail and now you can’t see anything different from the other nails.”


Knee Pain

“Mr. Harvey has worked wonders with my knee.”


Painful Corns

“My corn always hurt, even after visiting a chiropodist.  The gentleman at Fit-Feet did some sort of manipulation under my foot, and all the pain just vanished.  The corn still comes back eventually, but my foot feels still feels so fantastic now!