Mr. Stephen Nuthall
B.Ed, L.C.S.P (Assoc), O.S.M

Remedial Massage Therapy
Stephen has been practising for over 15 years and is a member of the Register of Remedial Masseurs & Manipulative Therapists. He uses a wide variety of techniques to develop a treatment regime that is bespoke for the patient’s needs. This may include mobilisation, deep tissue massage and muscle energy techniques.

Remedial massage therapy has been used for its therapeutic and healing effects on the body. The positive results were recognised and appreciated. From the relief of muscular and skeletal pain to the treatment of a wide range of conditions and ailments, massage has proven itself an effective tool for healing and general body maintenance. Massage therapy is continually developing with new techniques and approaches being continually developed. Many people today suffer from painful stiff joints which lead to back, neck and shoulder pain causing problems within the body. This may be as a result of physical injury, bad posture or tension, causing muscles to hold in a contracted state for long periods of time.

Remedial massage is very effective in dealing with muscular problems, loss of muscle tone and it is wonderfully soothing as it works as an aid to combat stress in our everyday lives. Massage is seen by many as an important adjunct to qualified medical treatment.